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What Angels Long To See

What Angels Long to See

What Angels Long to See is Giles’ 1998 sophomore release, an album of songs about life, love, marriage, and God - ultimately our human experience and life through Jesus that angels long to look into.

Creation remains a favorite ballad among fans...and one of mine!
My God, My All is still one of my favorite songs from this album along with Speak to My Heart (the “hidden” song at the end of the My God, My All track).
What Angels Long to See has been arranged for orchestra and youth choir for performance in Snyder Memorial Baptist Church’s annual Singing Christmas Tree and that year’s subsequent youth choir tour.
Stay Home still gets regular play as a “wake up, good morning!” song at a homeless ministry where I play for breakfast once a week at OperationInAsMuch, Fayetteville, NC.
I wrote Pretty Little Girl for my wife but it has recently become one of my daughters favorite songs.

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